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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Keep America, American.

While the title may point to this being a post about outsourcing. It's not.

It's about the warnings we have been getting from leading British and European journalists and free thinkers who opine that over the Obama Presidency, America has began a very steep slide into all things Western European, and how it is, and will continue to bring disastrous consequences.

Now, like most somewhat privileged Americans, I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe. I appreciate elements of the European lifestyle, such as the smaller portions of food at restaurants, the somewhat "care-free" attitudes that populate the Latin-language countries, and probably most of all the European sense of style.

But for now, that is neither here nor there.

What I am talking about, in "Keeping America, American" is simple. The United States must quickly reverse many of the policies that have been implemented by the Obama Administration.

The reason we must keep America, American is that in a time of global financial distress, you don't want to be propping up ideas that have come from countries who are experiencing the most problems financially.

Yet that is exactly what this Administration has done since day one.

Western Europe's decline is easily traceable, GDP has fallen from 36 percent among the countries in the region since 1974, to 26 percent in 2011. On its current path, GDP among Western European nations will be just 15 percent by 2020.

During this same time however, the United States has remained steady, with its GDP remaining in the mid-20s.

So what's the problem you ask? Well, it simple really.

Since taking office in January of 2009, President Obama and Congressional Democrats have raised the debt and deficit to levels we never even imagined we could be seeing.

How did they get there? Simple again.

  • A $787 billion "stimulus" package that for all intents and purposes was largely just an federal handout to the bureaucracies to create temporary jobs, and really did next to nothing to slow the decline in the job market. 
  • A $1.3 trilllion omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2010, the largest of its kind, in history. 
  • Among these two spending packages, the President completely changed the way college students have access to grants and loans, eliminating private lending, giving us the same model they have in Western Europe
  • He has passed a health care bill through the contentious budget reconciliation process, despite the bill's overwhelmingly unpopularity with the American public. The bill, all told will add trillions to the deficit because of cost gimmicks that were not adequately spelled out.
  • He has ardently supported a carbon tax, and a "cap-and-trade" system for dealing with emissions, one of the crown jewels of Western European governing. 
  • His foreign policy has been inherently Western European: From apologizing to enemies, to dilly dallying on important war decisions, to his crusade for nuclear disarmament. 
The list doesn't end there. He's marveled at the way day care is handled in Western Europe (government mandates to businesses). His words about the European Welfare system have been nothing if not loving. 

America has remained at a solid GDP level for decades because of American Exceptionalism. There are significant differences between our Constitution, namely the Bill of Rights, and that of the EU's. 

America was founded on the principles of as little government intrusion as possible. The EU is exactly the opposite, the entire purpose of the EU is to create a supranational government entity that must have control in the lives of people. 

It's clear that through both his words and his actions that President Obama shares this supranational world view, and regardless of his "base" constantly claiming he's a moderate, he's far from it. 

What's more is the fact that most of these policies (other than the debt and deficits that have gone up tremendously under Obama's watch) have yet to really be implemented. 

Let's take the fact that college loans will no longer be offered by banks or private financial entities. Sure, to students who want to go to college a loan the government can offer with a fixed interest rate is attractive.

And on principle, the more college educated people we have the better of the United States will be. So what's the problem?

By eliminating the private side of student loans, Obama has created what essentially amounts to an additional entitlement. 

Newsflash, a college education is not a right. By eliminating the private sector from the student loan industry, and making the government accountable for all loans, it is the government who bears the burden when a student defaults, and when I say government, I really mean the taxpayer. 

While defaults on government student loans come at a much less frequent pace than those in the private industry (Obama routinely cites this as the reason for the "necessary" change), no one is to say that adding a much larger number of students to the pool of those needing loans, can arguably only result in an increased number of defaults. 

The glaring policy that has yet to be implemented, with the small exception of a few provisions, in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, or the Health Care bill. 

This law is littered with Western European bureaucratic styling. The law-which seeks to cover the currently uninsured is awash with problems, double counting, and other financing gimmicks. 

First and foremost is the key provision that come 2014 everyone will be forced to buy into a health insurance plan, and because the government understands that health insurance costs money, they have set up "exchanges" or marketplaces where citizens would arguably be able to choose from a long list of insurance providers. 

Setting aside the elephant in the room-the inherently unconstitutional "individual mandate", the law is littered with rules and regulations that are commonly found in the healthcare models of Western Europe. 

For instance, the law will eliminate High Deductible Health Plans, which are perfect options for the young, single professional, who is healthy enough that they only need health insurance coverage in case of a large medical emergency. 

These plans are a low-cost option for those professionals in entry level jobs, allowing them to keep more take home pay and as a bonus the high deductible health plans almost always come with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). 

The HSAs are essentially a pool of debit money that is matched by the insurance company when an employer makes his or her monthly contribution to their health plan. For example, I get paid monthly, Aetna deducts about $85 for my health insurance, but also deposits about $85 into my HSA. 

I can use HSA for doctor visits, for eye screenings, or purchasing my contact lenses or glasses, I can even use them for approved medical purchases, like contact solution, tylenol, just to name a few. 

Those will be eliminated in 2014 because the health care law will mandate that not only does everyone have to have coverage, it is the government who will be approving what plans will and will not be available to people. 

Thankfully, by November of 2010, the American public had fully caught wind of Obama's Europeanization and overwhelmingly sent a swell of conservatives back to Washington, into the State Legislatures, and Governors mansions. 

It is going to take great courage and bravery on the part of these new leaders at all levels of government. It will be there job to not only put a halt to this policy of Europeanizing our lives, but to reverse it, with massive cuts in federal spending.  

We've seen the revolts over the necessary cuts EU countries have had to make over the last year and a half. They have been met with violent outbursts, students taking to the streets, vandalizing and looting. 

While we are a long way from that happening in the United States, the current President's one-world policies are setting up the U.S. to become a huge welfare state. Like those countries of the EU with massive bureaucracies that can no longer cash the checks their decisions wrote a long time ago, the United States would ultimately start to crumble, as Europe has. 

It's time to keep America, American. That means investment in the drivers of the private sector. We need to keep our relatively low taxes at the lowest they can be to maintain our standing in the world as the freest nation to do business in. 

We need to be modeling the size of our government in the way our Framers intended it to be modeled, not the large European Welfare State Barack Obama is trying to steer us towards. 

If our new leaders in Congress and across our great country don't show the courage of Govs. Walker, Kasich and Christie, we will be heading toward the Europeanization, and ultimately, the demise of our nation as the financial leader of the world. 


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