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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday Musings, A Day Late

The Masters concluded on Sunday with a guy named Charl, winning the green jacket. He's the first South African winner of the Masters and at 140 lbs, I'm wondering if professional golf needs weight classes. 

Staying with the Masters. If Tiger Woods could putt, it was he who would have been donning the green jacket, for a fifth time. His Sunday charge on the front nine brought back fond memories, but two costly short misses on the greens at 12 and 15, and a poor second shot at 13 ultimately cost him the chance to win. Bold prediction? He will win the US Open at Congressional Country Club in the Nation's Capital in June. 

I find it amusing that a President would take to the television on Friday to announce a "win" on the budget battle to which deficit reduction was central, and then feel the need to take to the television the following Wednesday to lay down his ground rules for limiting cuts to the next budget, while raising taxes. Seems a bit like he's unconvinced in his ability to draw the proverbial line in the sand. 

I often times find it difficult to marry my love of freedom (being a conservative this comes naturally) and rationality in the areas of personal health. For instance. It's near mathematical fact that fat people are more expensive to insure, thus they drive up the cost of healthcare up for individuals (like me) who take care of themselves.But I certainly don't want laws that limit the amount of trans fats or calories a fat person can consume. I also love the ends to which a smoking ban produces, yet I hate the fact that my freedom to smoke has been washed away by political nannyists. 

Theodore Roosevelt has sort of taken on this iconic "Bill Braskey" legend among some conservatives. I realize what a great conservationist, horseman, and just about everything else he was, but the guy was also a political Progressive. I think a distinction needs to be made, when conservatives start gushing hearts and ponies about this man who was largely a liberal. Great American? Sure, but can we fairly distinguish what he did, with his underlying beliefs? I hope so. 

I found President Obama's recent encounter with an American citizen at a town hall over the rising price of gas somewhat of a cartoonish example of how liberals react to people who don't live in a conformed, family setting. As the man tells the President he has ten kids, Obama's silence in his reaction almost speaks for itself. As he looks down at the man in the audience, his silence is almost saying, "You could be driving a hybrid if you had just stuck to two kids. Vasectomies are a great way to bring your gas mileage down, dude." Call this next comment Beck-ish, but I firmly believe that liberals in the Obama mold think that society has a responsibility to limit the population growth, which I think comes from a well-meaning place, but as you can see in the video, it ends up coming off as something completely different. (Note: I do not endorse anything on the website that the video is at the top of). 

Speaking of gas prices, I'm pretty sure this is America, and so aren't we supposed to be paying significantly less money for gas than the rest of the world? I also remember liberals saying we went into Iraq for oil--so I'd ask you, liberal intelligentsia, where is all this oil we went to war for, and how can I get my hands on some of it? I'm not proud to say that I went from a gas guzzling Land Rover to a much more efficient (albeit loaded) Honda Accord, but it's like what's the effing point if I'm paying $60 to fill up? The fact that oil is traded in futures is the bulk of the problem, and I have no doubt that the oil companies simply don't care about its consumers, and nor should they. It's a demand market, and so long as people are buying their product, why in the hell should they reduce the price?

The sooner you can get a dog the better. My fiance and I are in the process of raising a black Labrador and having grown up with larger dogs, have a penchant for dogs weighing 50lbs or more. I'm only 26, but there are few things as fulfilling as owning a dog that is not only loyal, but smart enough to know that they don't need to be insecure. If small dogs are your thing, more power too you, but I've never seen a house-broken terrier make a 100 yard blind retrieve of upland game, and do so with a smile on its face. I recommend Wildrose Kennels in Oxford Mississippi, for $100 you can get on a waiting list for a pup, and you'll be on it long enough to save the rest of the $1500 you'll need to bring him/her home. Dogs are the best investment any American can make. 

Over the weekend I bought what is just my third pair of Sperry Topsiders. If you don't know what these are, you probably aren't even reading this, so why did I just waste this sentence? Anyways, the point is, you should buy yourself a pair of these boat shoes. The fact that I bought my first pair in 2004 and it's 7 years later and I've only just begun to break in my third pair speaks for their quality. Aside from quality, you should own them simply because there isn't a shoe on the market that is more quintessentially American. Wear them with everything, jeans, shorts, swim trunks, you name it. Slide them on, slide them off, just please, never wear them with socks, ever.

Charlie Sheen was off today. 

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