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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Musings on a Tuesday

Fourth of July opinion columns have become cliche to me, which is why I didn't write one. I firmly believe that you should do everything in your power to avoid work on July 4th, so that you can spend the day with you loved ones in whatever way makes you happy. After all, July 4th, 1776 still remains the most important day in this nation's history, we might as well celebrate it fully.

The City of Lawrence, Kansas put on what has to be the worst fireworks displays I've seen in my roughly 20 or so years of being able to remember fireworks displays. There was no continuity, no theme, and the 5-15 second delays between rounds of two or three fireworks at a time came off as an incredible bore. Did I mention that it lasted for nearly 45 minutes as a result? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since everything Lawrence tends to do is peculiarly in line with its undisclosed motion to become its own city-state.

The more I hear about the Mexican drug cartels continuing their gruesome tactics in the border region, the more I think about the need for the United States to at least completely decriminalize narcotics. Our government is protecting the cartels (if there wasn't evidence enough, see the hairy ATF situation that came about last month). By our own intervention, we sequester what would otherwise be a free market, allowing only the powerful (and consequently, criminal) to control essentially what is the only supply source. Sit down and think about it.

We are not the ones we've been waiting for. We're way too busy. Between a nine-to-five, shuffling our 2.5 kids to soccer practice, piano lessons, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship with our spouse/significant other. This is why we elect people in the classical conservative sense. The problem? We're waiting for those we've been waiting for, forever, THE POLITICIANS we've elected, to institute policies that get our economy on the road to real recovery. So no, we are not the ones we've been waiting for, we are the ones waiting for our quality of life to return to pre-recession overspending and undersaving (you, know the kind of economic activity that actually spurs economic growth?)

If I hear one more time, from some liberal columnist either via their column or through a spliced appearance on MSNBC that the President is having a messaging/communication problem, I am going to spit. Isn't he supposedly the best speaker in the history of the Presidency? Oh yeah, that's right he's just way too smart for us, and so if we don't agree with him, we're obviously just not keeping up with the wise President. Mark my words, he'll find it a lot harder to effectively use soaring rhetoric when he actually (finally?) has a record he sort of has to stand by.

I find it incredibly sad that this nation seemingly cares less and less about baseball. Although, my data is probably skewed, since I live in a market whose team hasn't made it to the playoffs for well over two decades. Regardless of bow the lovable losers, the Kansas City Royals do, it is true that the MLB gets nowhere near the ratings of the NBA, and can't even dream big enough to touch the NFL. What's even sadder is the fact that fewer youth are playing baseball nowadays.

The President, Democrats and their supporters in the media can complain all the want about Republicans tactics to cut spending along with the raising of the debt ceiling, but the sheer fact that Republicans are the only ones discussing reducing the deficit makes them look like the only adults in the room.

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