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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FL Primary Coverage

I arrived home from dinner 10 minutes after the last polls closed-or-when the Florida GOP primary was called for Mitt Romney.

It's currently 7:34 and the networks have gone with their normal election night coverage.

Fox News: Per it's 2012 election coverage precedent, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly represent the sort of hard news side of Fox-though if they were really prepared to go hard journalism, Sheppard Smith would be anchoring. They've got county-by-county returns on the right of the screen with the updated totals on the bottom.

The panels are filled with their normal roster mates, and their coverage, I have to say has gotten pretty monotonous. However, if you're wanting quick, succinct analysis of the counties and the demographics within them, there is no better person than The Architect, Karl Rove. There is no one on television tonight that knows the amount that man knows.

MSNBC: Per their 2012 standard, MSNBC has embraced its inner far-left with the Schultz, Maddow, O'Donnell, and Sharpton team. Of course they've thrown Chris Matthews into the mix, who already (it's only February) is visibly annoyed by the group think that goes on between the aforementioned commentators. Regardless, MSNBC still has the power of NBC, that means a crisper 1080i picture, closer shots, and cleaner graphics. If you're a Republican on election night, it's a great place to get a daily dose of schadenfreude, or what the other side might think.

CNN: What else can I say? Graphics! Graphics! Graphics! Not one ring leader, two! Besides who else can handle their 6-12 on set (at any given time) commentary team? Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper almost conduct the thing knowing how ridiculous CNN election night coverage is. If you're a big time politico, who appreciates the Political side of campaigns, they've got just about every exit poll result you need? Wanting to know how all of the Cat Owners broke? CNN has you covered.

The night is still young. We'll see what happens. But given the early call, overwhelming outcome for Romney, I'm prepared to give everyone a C+

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