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Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Right Now Sucks

If I am being honest, I actually meant to have filled this page (and inevitably your Facebook feeds) dozens of times in the wake of the election. In fact I have come to my online word-processor and written in this space at least six times, but none have made it to publish, simply because I find myself rambling on whatever topic I chose to discuss.

Likewise, the severity and frequency of my medium-rare political Facebook posts have been effected for the same reason as why nothing has come from this page since the presidential debates. The election results knocked me down severely and though I have long since "gotten back up," the funk I am still in, leaves no end in sight. Right now, sucks. It's terrible, being a Republican is one thing, but I am more than just a Party hack, I am a conservative and right now sucks for me.

I haven't watched a glimmer of news since election day, and the primary reason for that is because I cannot stand to look at President Obama or hear him speak. I don't want to talk about him either. And I am not avoiding the news simply because of the President's re-election, no. I am avoiding the news because my funk is derived from the very real concern that I must spend the next four years living in a country with this President and his like-minds bloodletting this country, only to then hear about how I am a racist idiot for having such a concern.

As a result, it becomes highly unusual to remain a "Happy Warrior" because as I eluded to earlier, I've used the time since the election not to write, but to reflect, and such reflection has yielded only the negative connotations for the reality of our (we conservatives') past and equally poor connotations for our future. That is:
Conservatives never truly win. Those like me who want to see government constrained
have never seen such a goal realized. Our only victories come through "close losses." 
The largest reason for this is institutional, as even the brand we associate ourselves 
with, in the institution, only talk our game before their feet grow lukewarm and cave on 
our most important priority. 

As for our future, we conservatives (even those with institutional powers) are told to sit in "timeout" on the sidelines while the President and his institutional next-of-kin continue to re-sculpt our Republic through public policy designed to bring the sort of societal transformation where Social Justice and its child,"Equality of Outcome" mold our children's views on the role of the institution of governance. 

Right now sucks because the challenges we face as conservatives are very near. Those whose convictions would battle ours if given life, are attempting to expedite a challenge Tocqueville's wisdom. While the next four years will be four of the toughest years our country has faced in decades, the exceptionalism of our institution will inevitably prevail out of the darkness being cast upon it now. 

As conservatives, we have never fully tasted victory but we battle because we alone have the undying breeze of History at our backs. History proves that the path being traveled now by our President and his cajolers in Congress is unsustainable and when the dream of destroying our exceptionalism through an ever increasing largesse from the public treasury collapses in on itself, only we will be trusted to restore faith in the institutional privileges our Founding Fathers defied despotism to achieve. 

And that, is why right now sucks a little less. 

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