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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(I'll Say It Again...) Barack Obama is Beatable

The Unemployment Rate is hovering near 9%, oil has been above or near $100/bbl for nearly six months. The African American community is asking the age old question, "what have you done for me lately?"

The far-left's ass is so cherry red from all of the middle, to middle right concessions he's made that they have been reduced to grumbling nincompoops that will reluctantly put a check next to his name come November '12.

The business community, both large and small have been at odds with him from day one. He did after all, support a 15% increase in the capital gains tax as well as an increase in our already high corporate tax.

Since, he has done very little for business.Those who have supposedly been help can at best be described as cronies (see General Electric).

The stimulus, which was supposed to apparently help us all, essentially helped no one, and as former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reminded us last week, it supposedly "saved" millions of jobs.

While former president George W. Bush enjoyed spending money we didn't have, no amount he ever spent compares to what Obama has spent since he's taken office.

He's currently presiding over a country that looks to have no way out of a lingering financial crisis, his ideas for getting us out of the crisis are not new.

Instead it's the same old Democratic mantra, "If we just raise taxes on the rich..." Aside from the tax-the-rich calls, he's done nothing but propose more federal spending despite classifying his 2010 midterm defeats as a whooping.

He has zero ideas, or at best has taken no lead on the need to get the entitlements on a more secure financial footing.

On the foreign relations front, his actions and rhetoric could be best described as tepid. He refuses to throw the United States' proverbial weight around, to the delight of the far-left and to the shigrin of this Nation's own dignity.

Staying with foreign relations, he apparently does learn from mistakes however.

On his recent trip to England, he gave the Queen a set of professional photographs taken of her from her trips to the United States, after giving her an iPod when they first met.

These are just some examples of why he's beatable, do I need to go on about:

The fact that he's blurred the lines of the Constitution in appointing all of his so-called 'czars' which have been free to set administration policy in areas where its never been present, at least without the advice and consent of the United States Senate.

His appointments to just about every branch of government of people who share his cockamamie world view that the poor become poorer as a result of the rich becoming more wealthy.

He's publicly called the Boston police force stupid, only to track back on the comments by holding the now infamous "beer summit" which has to be one of the lowest points in the history of the Office.

He's publicly bashed members of Congress for their ideas, and in the weeks following has encouraged civility in the discussion of those same ideas.

The man is a walking contradiction. But, he got Osama Bin Laden, so, so, there...

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