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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weiner's Weiner

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know by now that Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has at best gotten himself into a bit of trouble by allegedly sending this photo which is clearly a penis tucked into some gray boxer briefs, to an unsuspecting twenty something over twitter.

At first, Mr. Weiner (I'm sorry) described the ordeal as the handy work of a computer hacker, leading us all to assume that his twitter account had been hacked (which is completely plausible).

As time went on however, the Representative then called the picture a "prank" presumably meaning "someone" was playing a prank on him.

In the time after the story changed from hack job to prank, the story evolved even more, with Weiner essentially refusing to discuss the issue.

The story became political fodder for the opinion makers on the cable networks, including the Representative's buddy Jon Stewart who had a bit of fun at his friend's expense but ultimately labeled the whole thing as a, "it's probably not him because I've seen his penis before, and it's not that big" funny rant.

As Stewart essentially had the last laughs over the matter on Tuesday evening, and clearly, despite making fun and chastising Weiner should the evidence point to his guilt, he essentially was trying to sweep it under the rug for his friend.

Unfortunately for Weiner, the story lines evolved into Wednesday, and as of 5:00 pm, the story remains.

MSNBC's Luke Russert was granted an interview with Congressman Weiner, who claimed that the picture was necessarily of him:

Russert: "Can you say with any sort of certainty that that's not a picture of you?"

Weiner: "You know, I can't say with certitude..." 

Get that? The infamous boner picture has gone from a result of a hacked twitter account, to a prank, to "I may have taken the picture, but..."

The Congressman has hired what appears to be a private investigation company to "look into" the matter, but let's face it. Any Congressperson's account, whether it be as serious as a bank account, down to a social media account, when hacked would/should be immediately reported to the police or the FBI.

We know that in the case of the infamous twitter pic from Weiner's twitter account, that he has not pursued anything with a branch of law enforcement.

So what's the aftermath at this point?

Weiner has really established himself as one of the firecrackers on the left, insofar as them having a voice on capital hill.

He was vocally outspoken during the Obamacare debates, and his charisma in front of the camera started garnering him more air time for more remedial Congressional matters.

He's had a tiff or two with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, which has earned him some big props on the left.

As far as I'm concerned, all of those appearances will be gone. Despite what happens to him in a disciplinary sense, he's lost just about all credibility to discuss the pressing issues that he suggests we should be concentrating on instead of his junk.

There is still time for the man from Queens to eat some humble pie, say, "I was acting like a stupid 20 year old college frat guy, I sincerely apologize to my wife, my family and anyone else who was directly hurt by my actions."

If he does that, then maybe he can start to re-appear on MSNBC from time to time.

But why should he do anything? Democrats stood up in the House Chamber and cheered one of the most corrupt New York politicians ever in Charlie Rangel (D-NY) just last year, after his tiny slap on the wrist.

As far as I'm concerned, so long as his psyche can take all the negative publicity, what's wrong in denying you sent the picture until you're blue in the face?

More as this story unfolds, but keep in mind, if this were a Republican, he would have already resigned from office. (NY-26 was essentially lost because a Republican member had a shirtless picture on craig's list).

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